Who We Are

Linways is a rare breed of young minds with a vision to address and provide beautiful solutions to the various challenges encountered in conventional learning method.

We’re revolutionizing the modern education.

Join us!

Our Values

We're open

We consider ourselves a team of peers more than a company. A sense of mutual respect and mindfulness permeates our culture—in fact, it's the key to our success.

We’re Transparent

We bias toward making information about decisions available to everyone. This practice helps promote trust within the team and facilitates constructive dialogue, because we can all see the details instead of just the net outcome.

We’re all about results

We’re proud of what our customers have accomplished with Linways products.

Aiming to Maximize Impact

As technology workers, we have the opportunity to effect positive change at an unprecedented scale and rate. At Linways, we strive to make the most of that opportunity.

More Than Just a Job

We’re an interactive, connected community. At Linways you’ll have the opportunity to get involved in everything going under our roof. From system design, community events, usability tests, hiring, demo days and more!


Work Culture


Team bonding

Careers at Linways Technologies